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Eat This Yum is family-owned and operated in beautiful Bucks County, Erwinna, PA. Our focus is on all-natural, sustainable, locally-produced jams, marmalades.

At Eat This Yum we believe that using simple wholesome ingredients is the key to producing quality products. Everything is made from scratch with no artificial ingredients or preservatives.

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Bacon Marmalade is back (well almost)

As many of you know, it has been a very long road to get our Bacon Marmalade back into production. Last March we were informed by the USDA that this product needed to be manufactured in a USDA approved facility and our commercial kitchen would not be approved for...

Rosemary Infused Blackberry Jam

We often use fresh herbs and spices in our preserves and marmalades. In fact, I don't believe we have anything in our catalog that does not have a something savory or spicy added to enhance and create more debt in flavor. One of our favorites and versatile jams is our...

Our Yearly Beach Plum Picking

Each year around late Summer we venture out to East Hampton to pick beach plums. Unfortunately this year due to traveling and schedules we were not able to get out there. Instead we traveled to Weekapaug, RI to visit some friends. I figured we would have no problem...

A quick salad recipe with our Flamin Raspberry Preserve

Even though this is becoming one of our more popular flavors, I am often asked for ideas on how to use our Flamin Raspberry Preserve. An easy way is to make a quick salad dressing. We love mixing lemon arugula with diced beets and some goat cheese, and toss it all in...

Send us an email at info@eatthisyum.com or give us a call at 215.820.4364.