This year has been a busy one so far. Back in January I decided after much feedback from our customers  that it was time to make a change in our packaging. Even though I loved using Weck jars for our product, it became more of a Love/Hate relationship. Throughout the years it became apparent that most of our customers had a dislike as to how they opened and how to store them with a non screw lid.

Of course making such a drastic change is not an easy prospect while still running a business. Coupled with new jars also came the need to update our labels since the old labels would not work. Needless to say this also turned into a huge expense. Old labels paid for and no longer needed. Boxes designed to ship our old jars also no longer needed. Design fees for new labels. Ordering new labels, new boxes, and of course new jars.  I was prepared for the extra upfront cost, but I don’t think I estimated it correctly! I know in the long run it will all be worth it, but when you are in the thick of it you do start to panic a little.

I am very happy with how the new jars and labels turned out and the positive feedback we have received from our wholesale customers has confirmed that I made the right choice. fullsizeoutput_f89