We often use fresh herbs and spices in our preserves and marmalades. In fact, I don’t believe we have anything in our catalog that does not have a something savory or spicy added to enhance and create more debt in flavor. One of our favorites and versatile jams is our Seedless Blackberry and Rosemary 

We use about 3 lbs of fresh rosemary wrapped in cheesecloth, and steep them in our strained blackberries for two days. Just enough time to infuse the blackberries with a subtle hint of rosemary. Not one to overpower anything with too much of a good thing, I prefer the slight hint of different flavors. I find that it enhances the fruit and sometimes even creates it’s own pallet of combined flavors, or layers. When you taste Our Seedless Blackberry and Rosemary Jam you will first get a burst of berry flavor with a finish of rosemary. This particular jam goes really well with lamb, duck, or creamy cheeses such as Lady Jane, Green Hill and Legato

Here’s also a link to one of our recipes Rack of Lamb with Seedless Blackberry and Rosemary Jam